The Space

This spacious, urban lot holds the same vintage charm that’s made the Plaza District so inviting since the area’s transformation began in 1997. Revitalizing renovations of the neighborhood have given rise to many small businesses and, tucked just behind this hub of activity, sits a quiet and comfortable courtyard, patiently waiting to help you celebrate your next event.

Boasting a colorful history with a modern edge, the space features an open-air expanse surrounded by brick buildings that provide the picturesque backdrop for your intimate gathering. Because The Courtyard is outside and enclosed behind the thriving businesses of 16th Street, the area is completely customizable to fit your needs. Planning a lovely wedding ceremony, family reunion, or anniversary party? The Courtyard can transform into the picture-perfect, backyard gathering you’ve always imagined.

The Perfect Fit

Securing a venue for an event with a large guest list can be tricky, especially in popular and thriving areas like the Plaza District. Not only are many businesses too small to accommodate bigger groups, but their setting is often not ideal for intimate gatherings. Luckily, The Courtyard holds parties of up to 150 people with a warm ambiance that will ensure attendees feel right at home. Even if you’re planning an event with a smaller guest list, The Courtyard’s customizable nature will allow you the freedom to arrange the space to be as welcoming as possible.

Though warmer months might seem like the most logical time to secure an outdoor celebration setting, these months also tend to get quite crowded. Luckily, despite the colder weather, wintertime doesn’t have to be an excuse to house your big event indoors. Adding some heated tents and other warming facilities to The Courtyard can create a surprising and inviting summer-like feel on a cool winter’s night –  a wonderful alternative to the standard indoor winter events.

Around the Neighborhood


With its proximity to bars, restaurants, and other exciting locations in the Plaza District, The Courtyard provides the ultimate starting point for an unforgettable experience in celebration of your special moment. Enjoy the fresh air and urban soundtrack for your main event or ceremony, and then head over to The Barn or one of the many trendy bars nearby for your reception. When you start your party in the middle of all the excitement of the Plaza District, there are endless options for where the evening might take you.


Your special occasion deserves a unique space that will facilitate a close-knit atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. The Courtyard location provides a classic setting for your upcoming gathering in a spot that can’t be beat.

Contact The Barn today for inquiries and reservations; you won’t be disappointed!

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