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September Influence & Brown Bag: What the heck is SEO anyway?

One of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing in the last few years is SEO, or "search engine optimization." SEO is important for businesses because it means popping up in Google search results when people type in words that indicate they're in the market for what you sell. 

In this special edition of Influence & Brown Bag, I (Anna) am hosting an AMA, or "ask me anything" about SEO. I'll start with a few minutes of introductory info, and then I'll open it up for questions from the audience. You drive the conversation and make sure your question gets answered. 

We'll answer as many questions as time allows-- questions such as: 

  • How does the Google search algorithm work? 
  • What can I do to improve my search position? 
  • What keywords should I be trying to rank for?
  • How can I gain on my competitors in Google search results? 
  • Hey.... what about Bing? 

Admittedly, SEO is a HUGE topic, so we can't cover everything. But after this short session, you will definitely be knowledgable about what you can do to capitalize on Google's search algorithm to grow your business. 

In addition, Banana Island Malaysian and Thai food restaurant will be sponsoring our lunch for this meetup. There will be a wide variety of Asian food, so not to worry if you aren't experienced with Thai or Malaysian food!

Always feel free to bring your own lunch as The Barn has a microwave for use as well!

See you there!