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December Influence & Brown Bag: The Ultimate Business Website Guide

Did you know that not having a mobile-friendly website is the equivalent of putting your website on the blacklist, no matter how beautiful and expensive your website is?

Did you know that one simple and inexpensive tweak could make you rank higher in Google for your keywords? 

Does your website have a goal, and if so, are you tracking that goal? 

In this time of social media obsession, many business owners are starting to wonder if they even need a website. All their followers are on Facebook or Instagram anyway, so why bother with a website? It's just one more thing to keep up with. 

In this month's I & BB, we'll talk about:
Why a website is *still* a must-have for businesses in this day and age, and maybe even more important than ever before
The essential elements your website must have (and no, one of them is not "cost $15k to build")
A few little tips to make your website a LOT more effective and successful

Join us in December for a special I & BB. Bring your website questions, bring your friends, and bring your business cards :) 

See you all soon! 

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